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The Flare is a brilliant new Bluetooth speaker! Coming with 3W power and a 200mAh battery, this portable speaker packs quite the punch with excellent audio fidelity. The speaker is made from hardy material, and stylish netting is woven around much of the body, creating a feeling of adventure and class. On the top of the speaker are controls; both for the volume and to switch to your next song. Simply connect your smart device to this speaker, and listen to all your favourite tunes, wherever you are! This speaker can be pantone matched to any colour across the entire body, and your logo can be embossed to the front for that custom feel!
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The MegaBass speaker is a brilliant and stylish piece of promotional merchandise. This product is available in four different colours, includes a fantastic sounding 10W Bluetooth speaker, music playtime of 7-8 hours and a 2000mAh battery to keep your tunes playing! There is also an option to have the casing made from sustainable bamboo material. The MegaBass also contains an alarm clock, with an LED indicator showing the current time, and an alarm clock mode that you can set for your morning routine. This product is perfect to sit on someone’s bedside table or dresser, and this positioning will get your brand in front of your customers every single day, with strong branding created across the front!
The Rebel Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect speaker for the modern world. This stylish speaker is resistant to water drops, water sprays, and water splash, with an IPX4 rating. It can be pantone matched with your brand colours and you can get full colour print across the face. This speaker also comes with a small carabiner clip, enabling you to hook it onto your travel bag. It is simply perfect for staying connected whilst on the go.
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The Surefire Gator Eye Speaker is a set of powerful 2.0 stereo gaming speakers, with 5W enhanced bass performance and easy to reach volume control on the cable. USB powered, these speakers do not require wall power, ensuring that you can use them wherever you are. This product can be co-branded with Surefire.
The Surefire Harrier Gaming Headset is the perfect gaming accessory. This high performance stereo 2.0 sound and highlight sensitive omnidirectional microphone ensure that you don’t miss a thing, and you can stay tuned and onboard with your teammates. Plus, there is volume and microphone control via the control box attached to the cable, and the headset itself is soft and comfortable for those long sessions. Co-brand this product with Surefire!
The Surefire Skirmish Gaming Headset is the perfect way to get immersed in your favourite game. The high performance stereo 2.0 sound and highly sensitive omnidirectional microphone ensures that you don’t miss a beat, and the flexible and adjustable microphone boom lets you give clear instructions to your teammates. Plus, you have volume control and a microphone mute on the ear caps, which are soft and comfortable for those long gamer sessions. This product can be co-branded with Surefire.
Make sure you take a look at our Surefire Vinson N1 Dual Balance Headset Stand. This stand contains a retractable rack for up to 2 headsets, and 6 RGB light modes give you flexibility. The cable storage functionality and built-in smartphone stand ensure that this is a desk accessory that you won’t want to live without. This product can be co-branded with Surefire.
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The Urban is the perfect piece of merchandise for your brand! The Urban Headphones are a pair of Bluetooth headphones which connect seamlessly with your smartphone, and the high fidelity audio is delivered across the entire frequency range. The Urban are stylish, sleek, and come with controls on the side of the headphones to play your music, skip to the next song, and take calls. These ergonomic headphones can be pantone matched in multiple positions and printed across the earphone itself, and the high quality padding ensures this product delivers comfort, along with style!
The Vibe Bluetooth headphones keep you connected on the go! These headphones are sleek, stylish, and fit snugly over your ears. The intelligent design enables you to collapse the headphones down for easy storage, and the headband is adjustable for your comfort. The Vibe can be pantone matched for your brand, and you can full colour print logos or branding on each ear. The Vibe is also optionally available with RCS certification, ensuring a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials.
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