Full Colour Print Phone Stand
The Affix Phone Ring Holder is a brilliant accessory for the modern world. Something of a jack-of-all-trades, simply affix the phone ring holder to your phone using the strong adhesive. Then, you can use the strap to keep your phone secured whilst you are out and about, use the metal ring as a stand when your phone is in use, utilise the magnets with any magnetic phone accessories, and even wireless charge without needing to remove the phone ring holder! This product is available with full colour options across the top and pantone matched strap.
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Safe & secure Phone Stand
Keep your cards safe & secure
The ClutchSlide is an essential addition to any mobile phone. A combination of phone strap, card holder, and phone stand, the ClutchSlide slides on and off your phone for wireless charging convenience. Adhering to the back of any phone or phone case for a universal fit, the ClutchSlide has RFID protective shielding, an adhesive slide plate that leaves no residue on your phone, and is available with full colour print across the top!
The Clutterfree Kit is a brilliant 2-piece gift set, including an adjustable device stand and a cable organiser. It makes the perfect employee appreciation gift, or for anyone looking to organise their tech clutter. Both these products are available with full colour branding, and these products come in a fully recyclable package.
The Concertina Phone Stand is the perfect mobile accessory. This brilliant piece of engineering works much like the famous Slinky toys, with a flexible structure allowing you to stretch the Concertina wide enough to comfortable fit a large tablet on. The rigid cardboard will hold the weight of your device, and when you are done, simply remove your mobile device and watch as the Concertina reduces back down to a small, portable size. Plus, this product is made entirely from cardboard, making it a sustainable option for your brand! Strong branding can be created on either side of the Concertina.
Let the EcoSpot keep track of your important items! Made from a blend of recycled ABS plastic & wheat straw, this product can be paired with the supporting smartphone app, and you can follow the alert to find your lost item! EcoSpot will also alert you when you are separated from your important items. Strong branding can be created with four colour digital print, giving you a sustainable option for your brand!
EcoStand phone stand is the environmentally conscious choice that uses less plastic. It’s made from a blend of post consumer recycled ABS & biodegradable materials including wheat straw. The wheat straw and recycled plastic give this product a lovely speckled appearance. Fully Adjustable, your phone rests against EcoStand at a comfortable angle; perfect for watching videos or surfing the web. The phone stand allows you to keep your notifications front and centre. The thoughtful design accommodates a charging cord so it can be used while your phone charges.
Never forget your mask again
The FolDock is a great travel accessory for your phone. This engineered phone stand folds up neatly into the same size as a card, allowing you to store it in your wallet or purse, and it can unfold to function as a phone stand when required. What is particularly special about this product is that it can be branded with full colour print across each side. This unique design gives a lot of space for branding, marketing, and getting your message out there!
The Lit Kit contains two brilliant products; The Aura ring light & camera cover, and the FoldStand, a foldable and useful phone stand. With the Aura Ring Light, you can slide down the camera cover to protect your privacy, and use the ring light for that perfect photo, and the FoldStand is an adjustable stand for when you are on a call, or watching your favourite TV show. This product is available with a branded sleeve, and you also have full colour print options across both products!
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Foldable phone stand & grip 
Introducing our new sleek and stylish phone stand, crafted from high-quality aluminium for a durable and elegant design. Our phone stand is the perfect accessory for your desk or bedside table, providing a sturdy and secure base for your smartphone while you work, watch videos, or simply browse the web. Not only does it offer a practical solution for hands-free phone use, but it also adds a touch of personalized elegance with the option to engrave your logo or message. Elevate your smartphone experience with our premium phone stand.
The Origami Phone Stand is a brilliant MagSafe accessory! It fits onto the back of any MagSafe phone, and folds up neatly to function as a RFID wallet for your debit cards & licenses. Then, you can fold out the bottom of the stand, which functions as ergonomically as origami, and use it as a horizontal / vertical phone stand! Branding can be created with an embossed logo on the foldable part of the Origami, and there are also printed options available!
The PenDock is a great accessory for working on the go! This product neatly folds into the size of a normal debit card, and you can unfold it to create a brilliant stationery organiser, with a pen holder & phone stand! This makes it brilliant for members of your team who are out on the go. Branding can be created across all sides of the PenDock, giving a lot of space for branding, marketing, and getting the message out!
Clip On Selfie Light
The perfect work-from-home accessory
Sturdy & compact phone stand & grip
The PopStand is a brilliant dual purpose product for your phone. This device works as both a stress/fidget toy, and also functions as a portable phone stand for when you are out and about. Simply turn the product onto its side and you can fit your smartphone into the gap, and the PopStand also comes with a carabiner clip and lanyard, making it an extremely portable item! Branding can be created with colourful options on both the stress buttons, and there is also room for a full colour logo at the top of the product.
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Clip On Selfie Light
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