Let the EcoSpot keep track of your important items! Made from a blend of recycled ABS plastic & wheat straw, this product can be paired with the supporting smartphone app, and you can follow the alert to find your lost item! EcoSpot will also alert you when you are separated from your important items. Strong branding can be created with four colour digital print, giving you a sustainable option for your brand!
The Concertina Phone Stand is the perfect mobile accessory. This brilliant piece of engineering works much like the famous Slinky toys, with a flexible structure allowing you to stretch the Concertina wide enough to comfortable fit a large tablet on. The rigid cardboard will hold the weight of your device, and when you are done, simply remove your mobile device and watch as the Concertina reduces back down to a small, portable size. Plus, this product is made entirely from cardboard, making it a sustainable option for your brand! Strong branding can be created on either side of the Concertina.
EcoStand phone stand is the environmentally conscious choice that uses less plastic. It’s made from a blend of post consumer recycled ABS & biodegradable materials including wheat straw. The wheat straw and recycled plastic give this product a lovely speckled appearance. Fully Adjustable, your phone rests against EcoStand at a comfortable angle; perfect for watching videos or surfing the web. The phone stand allows you to keep your notifications front and centre. The thoughtful design accommodates a charging cord so it can be used while your phone charges.
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