Bassy Bluetooth Speaker
Eco Friendly Power Bank & Wireless Charger
Compact & lightweight power bank
Eco Friendly USB Charging Cable
Stylish Pantone Matched Power Bank
Elegant eco-friendly power bank
Bamboo element designed, manufactured, branded, and assembled in the UK - in any shape! With eco-friendly wheat straw cables. The Carve Charging Cable is a brilliant new charging cable, which can be manufactured in any shape. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this product is made from MOSO bamboo. MOSO bamboo products are made from the extremely renewable bamboo material, and use eco-friendly adhesive with no added formaldehyde. These MOSO bamboo products can also be recycled in similar applications at the end of the life cycle of the product. The cable includes a Micro USB, a USB-A, lightning port, and USB-C, allowing you to charge your device quickly and effectively. Your logo can be engraved on the face of this cable!
The Concertina Phone Stand is the perfect mobile accessory. This brilliant piece of engineering works much like the famous Slinky toys, with a flexible structure allowing you to stretch the Concertina wide enough to comfortable fit a large tablet on. The rigid cardboard will hold the weight of your device, and when you are done, simply remove your mobile device and watch as the Concertina reduces back down to a small, portable size. Plus, this product is made entirely from cardboard, making it a sustainable option for your brand! Strong branding can be created on either side of the Concertina.
Have you seen the Cory? Our brilliant new eco friendly charging cable is made from a mixture of eco friendly materials, and includes lightning ports, micro-USB, and USB-C. Branding can be created on both sides of the cable, with an engraved logo on the cork side, and a full colour print logo on the other.
Stylish Bluetooth Earbuds with box
Embossed Bluetooth Speaker
Made from wheat straw & biodegradable plastic
Don't miss out on the brilliant Eco Peak. This 10,000mAh power bank is made from eco friendly material, and has several USB ports on the front to allow for easy charging of your device. Simply plug in the USB cable and leave your mobile phone or device to charge. The large capacity power bank will keep going for those long journeys, keeping you connected! This product can be full colour printed across the top, ensuring that you get your brand or message out there.
Portable eco friendly power bank  
Keep your devices charged with the Eco Retract! This brilliant charging cable is made from a sustainable housing material, and the wood finish across the top is sleek and stylish. Included within the charging cable are four connectors; a USB-A/USB-C and a USB-C/Thunderbolt port on the other side to plug into your device. The sleek retracting feature of this cable ensures that it uses minimal space whilst maintaining the flexibility of four ports, allowing for faster charging/data transfers from a portable product. Branding can be created with full colour spot print across the top of the housing.
The EcoNomad Gift Set is a brilliant piece of promotional merchandise. This kit comes with three different products; the Revive Wireless Charger, made from Hemp & recycled plastic, a 11.4-inch carry case made from the same materials, and a recycled plastic/wheat straw charging cable with a RPET case. This gift set has been designed to be the perfect accompaniment for a travelling workforce, whilst staying true to sustainable roots. Branding can be created across all aspects of this gift set.
Powerful USB Charging Cable
Ultra slim & portable power bank   
Rugged Bluetooth Speaker
The Interstellar Power Bank is a perfect eco friendly option. This power bank is made from sustainable bamboo, and includes an RPET solar panel, making it 100% plastic free! The power bank has USB-A, micro USB, and USB-C ports, allowing you to charge your devices fast and efficiently. Plus, the Interstellar has a solar panel, to allow you to charge up your power bank during daylight hours. Simply leave the power bank with the panel facing upwards, and return to find the product charged! This product comes in two sixes and capacities, giving you flexibility! This product can be branded with an engraved LED logo or full colour print, and we use an organic soy ink to print traceability information on the back of the product, making this a brilliant and sustainable product.
Sleek Bluetooth Earbuds
Ultra slim power bank with LED torch
**Exclusive to the UK & Ireland** The MegaBass speaker is a brilliant and stylish piece of promotional merchandise. This product is available in four different colours, includes a fantastic sounding 10W Bluetooth speaker, music playtime of 7-8 hours and a 2000mAh battery to keep your tunes playing! There is also an option to have the casing made from sustainable bamboo material. The MegaBass also contains an alarm clock, with an LED indicator showing the current time, and an alarm clock mode that you can set for your morning routine. This product is perfect to sit on someone’s bedside table or dresser, and this positioning will get your brand in front of your customers every single day, with strong branding created across the front! The MegaBass is also optionally available with RCS certification, ensuring a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials.
Sleek & stylish pantone matched power bank