Pantone matched wireless charger
Our Aura Wireless Charger is the perfect charging solution for the modern world. With a large surface area for charging, 15W fast charging, and efficient cooling vents, this product is ergonomic, efficient, and stylish. The underbody of the product will glow when charging and in standby, and you can brand across the entire top in full colour.
For wirelessly charging in the car
Round & sleek wireless charger
Desktop Wireless Charger
LED light up wireless charger
Wireless charging desktop accessory
**Exclusive to the UK & Ireland** The Polar Wireless Charger is a brilliant product – part of our Magsafe collection. This charger, suitable for any Magsafe smartphone, is small, portable, and can charge up to 15W (fast charging) with a USB Type-C input. This wireless charger attaches magnetically to the back of your phone, and the small size makes it extremely portable – perfect for modern life. Strong branding can be created with full colour print options across the face, and a pantone matched trim! The Polar is also optionally available with RCS certification, ensuring a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials.
The Prism Wireless Charger is a brilliant new wireless charger. This product is made from acrylic material, and you can see through the case into the inner workings, which is a stylish and unique look. Branding can be created with a printed logo on the top of the product.